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Pepsi Dumbbell Bottle

Pepsi Dumbbell bottle.

Pepsi dumbbell bottle

Pepsi is tapping into its healthier side—sort of, maybe—by transforming its two-liter Pepsi Light bottle into a two-kilogram dumbbell. While Pepsi Light is calorie free, it's not generally the kind of beverage the fitness community goes nuts for, which makes the packaging a little confusing. The design is cool and functional, but it might have made more sense for Gatorade (a PepsiCo brand). Also, we weren't entirely sure this wasn't an early April Fools' joke, but we're told Brazilian agency AlmapBBDO created the packaging. We recommend drinking the Pepsi Light, then refilling the dumbbell with water—or sand, marbles or just something else—to avoid the Pepsi fountain you can expect when opening a bottle after doing a couple sets of overhead presses or squats.

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