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Branded app by Wix

As an official partner of Wix with the #wixicon status, House of Communications has become a serious party in the field of SEO-friendly web design. Besides building websites, webshops with apps/widgets, Wix now also offers the Branded App; an app completely focused on and in the branding of your company.

Branded App by Wix gives you the opportunity to have a fully branded mobile app developed for your business. The content and functionality of the app is designed for you from the Branded App dashboard in your own Wix account and can be maintained from the Wix Owner app. You get full ownership of the app and can enhance your members' experience using all the business features of Wix.

Whether you have an online shop, educational company, food blog, fitness studio or restaurant, there are many ways to adapt your branded app to the needs of your business.

Some examples of industries that can benefit from a branded app are:

  • Webshops

  • Restaurants

  • Event companies

  • Fitness companies and studios

  • Bookings and services

  • Education

  • Communities

The advantages of creating a branded app

When you build a branded app with Wix, you get access to all the business and marketing features of Wix and can offer your visitors a seamless digital experience between your website and your app. Some other benefits of a branded app include:

  • Increased customer loyalty and retention.

  • Improved engagement with your community.

  • Full ownership of your brand.

  • A professional mobile experience for your customers.

  • Use notifications as a marketing tool to promote your business, send updates and announce new products or services.

  • Sync between your app and Wix's business and marketing tools.

The link between your website and your branded-app

Every time you update and publish your Wix website, you also get a direct mobile experience of your website in the Wix member apps (Spaces by Wix, Fit by Wix, Dine by Wix). The member apps provide your community with a place to interact with your website from their mobile devices. By default, your website's member app is Spaces by Wix. However, once you've purchased a branded app and your app goes live, you can switch to your branded app.

All Wix apps that you have installed on your website (e.g. Stores, Blog, Bookings) are seamlessly connected to your branded app. Therefore, any changes or edits made on your dashboard will be reflected in the app, including adding items to a web shop, creating new booking sessions or publishing a new blog post.

Please note: Design changes to your website do not affect the design of your app.

The content of your branded app also includes tabs and widgets for your installed Wix apps. For example, if you have Wix Events on your website, you will automatically get an Events tab in your branded app. Then when you update your event entries from your dashboard, they will automatically be updated in your branded app.

You can update all other app content (e.g., adding an "About" section, custom buttons, and more) using the Wix Owner app.

House of Communications takes care of your app by designing the theme, login and home screens from within your Wix account. You can also download a free preview link of the app to your phone to see what it looks like. Once you like the look of the design, the content in your app will be updated from the Wix Owner app. Finally, upgrade to a Branded App Unlimited package to link an Apple Developer and Google Developer account and submit your app for approval.


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