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"Which hashtags should I use... what title should I give my post or advertisement... How do I encourage my customer to take action?" You have written a text, but it could be a lot shorter and more inviting. There are plenty of reasons to think about why you find it difficult to put an appealing text on paper. It can also be that you simply don't have the time or feel like doing it yourself. No problem at all! Text on Demand is a good outcome for you. Upload your (partial) text and briefing, select your preference and we'll do the rest!

Text on Demand has been created to provide you with powerful, short texts quickly. This can vary from intro's for social media posts to texts for your newsletter. Text on Demand is about the fast delivery of effective, short texts for a fixed price, so no hassle with subscriptions or prices per word. You just pay a fixed amount per text!

√ As of € 7,50.
√ Custom text.
√ 1 correction round.
√ Written by a copywriter.
√ You pay a fixed price.

√ You pay easily with tikkie.
√ No extra costs afterwards.

√ Fast delivery.
√ No start-up costs for slogans, social media posts and text of 200 words.


  • You provide a good briefing

  • Startup costs for texts with 200 and 800 words

  • Texts up to 800 words (2x one A4)


  • € 7.50 social media item (average of 15 words), no start-up costs.

  • € 50 (slogan, 5 variants), no start-up costs.

  • € 65 (1/2 A4 ± 200 words), no start-up costs.

  • € 120 (1 A4 ± 400 words).

  • € 240 (2 A4 ± 800 words).

  • € 25 start-up costs or texts with 400 and 800 words (learn more about the subject matter).

  • Texts of more than 800 words on a sacrifice basis. Please contact us to discuss your wishes.

Type of texts:

  • Slogans

  • Texts for social media posts (context and storytelling)

  • Web texts

  • Advertorial texts

  • SEO-texts

  • Press releases

  • Newsletters

  • Text corrections (editing).

A copywriter is an advertising text writer who writes short commercial texts and works conceptually. The copywriter tries to move the reader.

You will receive an email confirmation and a tikki-payment request in your whatsapp. After receiving the payment confirmation we start writing. The delivery of your text can take 1-5 working days. All prices include 21% VAT. A good briefing is an important condition. Number of words for longer texts may differ slightly from the total.

Fill in the form below, pay with tikki and it will be fixed for you!

House of Communications does not share your information with other parties. Read the privacy statement.


Oeps, er ging iets fout. Kijk al je gegevens goed na en vul de ontbrekende gegevens alsnog in.

Bedankt voor je Tekst on Demand bestelling. De factuur en orderbevestiging verschijnen binnenkort in uw inbox.

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