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Here it is, refreshed and ready for a new start; the Ik ben Imandt website. It was created in cooperation with psychosocial therapist Lennar Imandt Maastricht.

What is new?

  • Instead of a one-pager, a completely renewed, informative website.

  • Fully optimised and suitable for all devices.

  • At a glance you can see what kind of help Lennar offers.

  • The website visitor recognises himself in the mentioned problems.

  • You easily scroll and click your way to the relevant subject or theme.

  • Lennar informs about developments, workshops and events under the tab 'News'.

  • Contacting us is easy, at the bottom of each page and selection of theme.

In addition, Lennar's other website continues to exist separately. This website offers a deeper dive into burnout test (cases) and burnout related issues.

House of Communications took care of the webdesign in #wix plus some icon designs for the different themes within the website.

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