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You love 'em, you hate 'em: banners!


As a consumer you might find them annoying, as a marketer probably not. You can't ignore them either: the static or dynamic HTML-5 banner. Anno 2.0 banners are now an essential part of your (AdWords) campaign and cross media marketing, and are super handy to sell your product, service, event or website.


HTML-5 has become today’s standard and using this technique, animations and video footage can be created under 150 kb. The advantage of HTML5 banners is that you only need one version that can be displayed on all devices without a plug-in.


At House of Communications you can order banners and bannersets in different formats: jpg, png, animated gif and HTML-5. There is a secure login page for customers where examples can be checked before publication. Want to know what it costs? Check out the fixed rates for banner design here.

René Naus, employee marketing & PR L1:

"The entire banner set is now online and I have to say that the number of requests for guided tours has increased. So the banners are paying off."

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