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Our first meeting, including a cup of coffee is of course FREE and on the House! Should you decide to place an order, you can rest assured knowing that your personal wishes will be listened to carefully. The market in which you operate is thoroughly examined and evaluated, so we can achieve a beautiful and effective end result.

Hourly rate (ex vat):

€ 75 for graphic design/PR/communication advice/concepts.

€ 60 for copywriting (commercial texts).

Special rate for cultural institutions. Feel free to ask us about it.

If you think you need several hours per month, then this will be at a reduced hourly rate. You will receive an hourly specification at the end of the month.


Monthly prices/hourly rate (ex vat):

Fixed number of hours, from 4 to 8 hours per month: € 70

Fixed number of hours, from 9 to 12+ hours per month: € 65

Fixed price / project price
If your briefing is complete and you know exactly what you need, we will agree on a fixed project price. This way you know where you stand right away and you don't have to face unexpected (extra) costs.


Are you a starter? Then choose a kickstarter package at a fixed low price.




A good start is half the battle. If you want to start a business, you need a professional look and feel, and a branding strategy. We make it easy for you with 'kickstart your business'. Especially for starters, we have put together kickstarter packages. 

Kickstarter 1: € 675 - save € 75

Kickstarter 2: € 1069 - save € 250

Kickstarter 3: € 1370 - save € 350

Logo design only:

€ 450 for a new logo and spin-offs (icons and variations for web and social media) + logo sheet (explanation of use of colours and fonts).

Logo restyling: 

€ 300 for a logo design based on the old logo, but in a new look.

Web design in Wix:

Basic website with customized template. Main menu & subpages (max. 15 pages in total) with captcha-secured contact form, structure and content of the website, google maps, link to domain name / social media, SEO optimization. House of Communications is an official Wix-partner with the #wixlegend status.

Price: € 720

E-commerce (shop) websites:

From € 1000

Mini-webshop, fixed price of € 540

Wix Studio website

Website built entirely in the new, innovative Wix Studio editor responsive with AI, motions & animations, custom CSS and API integrations.

From € 1200


Maintenance Wix websites:

€ 60 per hour. You'll receive a monthly summary of work.


Extra functionalities (apps): 

If you want to expand your basic website with extra functionalities, such as a reservations module, menu card, review option, Wix video, Wix bookings, registration forms, link to and synchronization of your google calendar as well as other functionalities, automations and tools from the Wix app store:

Price: € 240 per installed app*

*Excluding any subscription fees for the use of the premium features of the apps, offered by external partners (most apps can be used for free with the basics that you need).

Database collection/database set and linked forms (wix code):

€ 240 set-up

€ 60 per form (which is linked to the database)

Linking 'Google My Business' to your website:

Ideal for SEO optimization and the visibility of your company. With a Google My Business-account you get more than just a company listing. Through a free company profile you can easily get in touch with customers on Google Search and Google Maps. Read more about Google My Company here

Extras on request and quotation basis. Click here to view the wix-menu.

For more information: HOUSE OF THE WEB.

Text on Demand:

Only available in Dutch

Press releases:

Write and send a press release to (local) media (for free publicity). Press releases are sent by e-mail to editors of online and offline media. Click here for more info.

Price : € 480

Social media 

Templates in Adobe Express. This includes creating the library, adding branding elements, setting branding colours and fonts, developing template(s) in different formats (stories).  

set-up costs : € 225. Price per template: € 37,50

Newsletter template:

Building the first template in your corporate identity, including importing and segmenting of the AVG (GDPR)-proof email list, setting up the account, establishing settings, and creating your registration form including first fill and send functions. House of Communications is an official Mailchimp Partner. For more information: HOUSE OF MAILINGS.

Price: € 375 

Perks: With mailchimp you can send newsletters for free to up to 500 email addresses! If you want to create your own next mailing, you will receive a short tutorial from me! If you don't have the time to maintain this yourself, then the costs per item / subject (deliver texts and photos at a time) are:

Price: € 18,75

E-forms (interactive PDFs):

House of Communications creates e-forms entirely in your desired corporate idemtity, including all requested functionalities. The form is custom-designed for you, saved as a PDF (also for print) and made interactive, so you can fill it in and sign it on the spot. Price (including layout):

1st page: € 75 per page

> 10 pages: € 65 per page

For larger quantities, please, request a quote.

For more information: HOUSE OF E-FORMS.


Banners in various formats.

€ 75 static banner (jpg)

€ 112,50 animated (gif)

€ 150 html-5 (dynamic)


Banner sets:

If adjusted to a different format, extra costs (for each banner within the same concept).

Price: € 18.75

If no material is available, photos/illustrations including photo editing:

€ 55 per photo/illustration.

If no slogan and/or text is available:

€ 50 per slogan/banner text.


For more information: HOUSE OF BANNERS.

Facebook en instagram ads:

Linking facebook / meta company page to HoC. Concept development, headline/text, image editing/video (on delivery), implementation, interim control, final report with statistics. 


Price: € 225 per campaign/ad


* Excluding advertising budget / running time budget (+10% via HoC business manager). All campaigns run via the Meta Business Suite of House of Communications.

Link (offline) conversions, facebook pixel on your website: 

Price: € 75 (one-off costs).


For more information: HOUSE OF SOCIAL MEDIA.

Custom qr-code

Price: € 45 for a qr-code in your branding.


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