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Wix offical expert - Wix partner - Wix legend - Wix Maastricht
Wix Pioneer
Wix creator
wix icon partner
Wix offical expert - Wix partner - Wix legend - Wix Maastricht
Wix legend official Wix partner

Goodbye code language, endless (security) updates and all kinds of online annoyances. Hello ease of use and user-friendliness! Do you want a website that is responsive, optimally secured, always up-to-date and self-maintainable? Check the Wix menu card and compose your own menu. House of Communications is a Wix expert with the #wixlegend status and is a member of the Wix Marketplace. We regularly work with fully customizable templates in wix because of the user-friendliness and reliability. More advanced and new within Wix: Wix Studio.

Do you have specific (technical) wishes? Then we work together with web developers who ensure that your idea is implemented. Do you just want to update your current website or do you need graphical components (psd's), for example for your own web designer? No problem, We'll deliver that ready to use in the right format. Check here for the basic rates for webdesign.


If you want a user-friendly website, then you've come to the right place.
Also check House of mailings: for customized email templates and email campaigns.

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