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MINI-WEBSHOP IN WIX ... easy as (buying) milk!

Fast online with your 'goods' or 'foods'? We'll fix this for you with a mini-webshop in wix. Basically, this concerns 1 main page (landing page) with intro, product gallery, header and footer. We build a webshop for you that is easy to keep up-to-date, without programming knowledge. Your shop is 'responsive' which means that it looks and works well on tablets, mobile phones and PC's. So it's fully optimized for mobile. Do you want to make money with your website through subscriptions for your services? Then you can also implement the mini-shop in wix!

You can choose from various free HTML-5 templates that we 'customize' entirely for you in your own branding (photo editing, buttons and icons in your branding are also part of this), including integration of your social media and whatsapp. Do you want to see examples? Click here for our partner profile in the Wix Marketplace .


MINI shop at a MINI price!

All in for 540 ex 21% VAT


What do you get for that price? We do the set-up, set up your products with product information, photos, variations and prices. You can add new products to this later (or make price adjustments):


  • Homepage with intro (text) and product gallery.

  • We fill your shop with up to 10 products. You can add products yourself later (there is no limit).

  • Product page (its own page per product).

  • Membership (login) area for customers.

  • Checkout module / checkout page.

  • General terms and conditions webshop - disclaimer - return policy.

  • Link to Mollie or Stripe (iDEAL payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay and credit cards) & paypal.

  • Link to your domain name (also if registered outside Wix).

  • Link to Google / SEO optimization (excluding the creation of a Google my Business profile).


Add apps (extensions):

Depending on your business and wishes, various apps and (review) tools can be added to your website, such as an online ordering or take-away system for restaurants. Basically, the use of these apps is free, more extensive options are only available for payment (often the free version is sufficient).

Hosting e-commerce plans with Wix:

From € 20 per month (on a one-year subscription, two-year is cheaper) a Core premium plan. Of course we can link your existing domain name, if you already have it, to your wix webshop. Click here for the most recent subscription types (business basic subscription).

Adding apps, maintenance and copywriting by HoC are of course optional. Texts, photos, conditions and product information must be supplied by the customer.

Click here for other rates and services of House of Communications.




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