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Concepts and templates for your business social media channels

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Did you know that House of Communications can help you with your social media plan(ning), strategy, design of social media templates and putting together color palettes?

As a first step - and if desired - a social media plan will be created (i.e., strategy determination, colors, corporate identity assets, fonts). We base the templates on that and start working from there. You get a short training / advice on how to use the templates (and customize them, for that, you get access to an online library that is created for you and shared with you), for a fixed fee (one-time or monthly), depending on your needs.

We do this:

  • social media plan

  • Advice on (time) planning

  • house style / color palette

  • Creating a library of templates

  • formats for posts & stories

  • images and/or videos

  • texts / captions

  • hashtag suggestions

  • advice / concepts

You do this yourself:

  • give input (photos, logos, videos, content / wishes)

  • posting (this works best if you have contact with your followers yourself. Schedule a set hour every week for this or get that nice intern to work on it).

  • Communicate with your followers, ask / answer questions / keep in touch.

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