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You will love this as well! Your own 'portrait pattern' on your smartphone or tablet case. Send me your photo and I will cartoonize and patternize it, using a colored symbol of your choice. Don't want yourself on it? No problem. Send a picture of your friend, parents, child, pet etc. I will cartoonize them all!

Corporate versions including logos, are of course also available for smartcases and other personal printed material! Copyright: House of Communications. Look on facebook and instagram for more examples and order your own cover! 

NEW: Koelies! Super playful 'kawaii' - Japanese for 'cute' cartoon figures, specially designed for your smartcase, wallpaper, wrapping paper and other prints on demand. I would like to introduce you to: Chio de chihuahua - Griz the bear and Puff the pufferfish :-) Wallpaper and wrapping paper available via Motiflow.

NEW custom design: Chio the chihuahua. Very playful design and a totally fun cover for your phone. Ready to order? Please, tell me what type of phone you have and what kind of case you would like (back case € 18,50 or full print wallet case: € 29,50) by mail and simply pay with tikkie Copyright: House of Patterns i.o. House of Communications.


A: TPU case: € 18,50

Silicone case in the following colors: pink, blue, white, black, transparent on the side).


B: Hard case: € 18,50

Lightweight plastic (with black or white sides and printed back)


C: Full print case: € 22,50

Front and back printed hard plastic case, glossy or matte.


D: Wallet case: € 22,50

Black printed front only. Card holder.


E: Fully print wallet case: € 29,50

A fully printed wallet case with three card slots.


The above cases are only available for certain devices. Please, ask me about the possibilities.




The designs are custom-made for you!


1 standard symbol: free (heart, star, apple, bone)

1 custom symbol: € 2.50 extra (*this is the extra option)

1 cartoonized photo: € 9,50 extra

2 cartoonized pictures: € 14,50 extra


For example:  if you would like a basic hardcase cover with a standard symbol (heart) and 1 cartoonized picture of yourself, your total would be: € 28,-


Delivery will be within 1-3 working days after payment, slightly longer for weekend orders.  Shipping is free!

Prices include 21% VAT.  Simply pay with: tikkie.


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